The meaning of yoga is ‘to yoke’; to merge two things together into unison. For me this means exploring relationship, between ourselves and others, between our small, ego-driven self and the interconnected universe. By practicing yoga, we build awareness about the collective whole to arrive at a place of ultimately seeing ourselves in all other beings. My understanding and experiences of yoga has blossomed over many years offering me a vibrant dimensionality of what unity and oneness feels like and means in practice. Being in a state of yoga is freedom of body and mind.

When practiced with right intention, yoga is a holistic healing and re-conditioning practice. By becoming aware of our body in space, we begin to bring awareness to our mind. This process can lead to an acceptance of the whole self, and bring confidence and ease in both our physical and mental being. While we have a container of the body, it is temporal and changing, like our thoughts. The inward journey of yoga is about detaching from our dependency on the body and mind for happiness. It leads to a more compassionate life which in turn can strengthen and relax the body and the mind, leading to self-empowerment, responsibility, confidence and power. It also leads to humility and grace.

I have been teaching yoga for almost ten years, and have been inspired by my teachers Sharon Gannon and David Life to teach the Jivamukti yoga method, of which I was certified in 2007. I also have found teachers from the Iyengar, Ashtanga and Sivananda methods and feel strongly there is a framework for everyone, for every body, interested in the journey.

My classes are dynamic yet slow, focusing on breath awareness, body alignment and exploration of the connection between the body and mind; I am to bring awareness of the whole being. Enriched through intelligent sequencing and music that supports the rhythm and theme of the class, my intention is to guide the student into a deeper state of physical and emotional awareness.

See my class schedule or book a private appointment.

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