The Wonder and Challenge of Being

stretchBeing in a physical body and living on the planet earth is a miracle, a tremendous gift, yet it is not without its challenges. From a physical standpoint, understanding how to fuel ourselves and most efficiently use our special powers like walking and talking is more complex than we give credit; our brains challenge the notion of gravity as well as other natural forces and instincts. Often this leads to a complex perception of how we see ourselves and others in the world, and how we communicate.

Practicing yoga, and Rolfing® can tranform a life from living only from a thinking perspective,into one that is more aware of the physical event of being in a body, breathing and moving. Having an understanding of how it feels to be in a body and to have thoughts and emotions as a part of the physical experience can lead to changing disruptive and painful habit patterns, physically as well as mentally. My life’s work and my great joy is to share the transformational qualities that yoga and Rolfing® can have on the human experience, allowing the body and mind to be free and at ease so that we may all better enjoy being alive!

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